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JESTER, the strongest pure java chess program

Quick start :

  • Set Jester's play time (or use default settings) :

  • - number of seconds per move, or
    - number of minutes per game, or
    - K.O. game in minutes with/without increment time per move
  • Select side color for Jester.
  • Then click [New Game] button to start a new game.
  • To play a move, click the piece to move and click the destination square.
  • Important : after loaded, Jester is playable without connection (offline mode)
Options :
  • "Spy" mode :

  • Enabled : View Jester's thought.
  • Hide white & black pieces :

  • These options allow you to play a half or full-blindfold game.
  • Variations of chess game :

  • - Normal game : the normal chess game.
    - Fantasy style : like as normal game, but sometimes Jester plays a strange, an unexpected  move (not really the best move) which completely baffles you and "puts fire on board".
    - Clownish style : like as normal game, but when Jester gets a decisive advantage, he'll play a very bad move giving you a chance to win.
    - One-Step-Beyond : white pawns are on the 3rd rank, black pawns on the 6th rank.
    - Vaureal Dawn : knights & bishops switch their initial position on board.
    - Crazy Horses : bishops are replaced by knights.
    - Lethal Amazones : knights & bishops are replaced by queens.
    - Throne of chaos : like as Fischerandom game.
  • Level :

  • Select level (1:weak, 10:strong)
  • Edit mode :

  • - Click [Edit board] button to enter in edit mode. Select a piece with [Select Piece] button and click on the square to place a new piece. When all done, click again [Edit board] button to leave edit mode.
    Then, click [New game] button to start a game with the new position. White side always plays first.
Other buttons :
  • Oops! :

  • Take back last player move. Not allowed in K.O. game.
    Warning: Sometimes Jester cheats if you use often this button !
  • Quit :

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